HB20-1001:Nicotine Product Regulation 

A teen vaping epidemic has hit Colorado hard and fast, with over 27.5% of our teen youth reporting having vaped. 1001 provides common sense and effective measures to address youth access and utilization of tobacco products, and helps curb the dangerous vaping trend we’ve seen across our entire state. This bill holds retailers accountable through a retail license, closes a loophole that allows teens to buy nicotine products online, and removes the criminal penalty for underage possession of nicotine products.

HB20-1006: Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants 

Early childhood mental health consultation (ECMHC) connects early childhood professionals, families, and young children with qualified professionals with expertise in early childhood development and mental health. Depending on the audience, consultants provide support and guidance in areas such as behavior management, emotion regulation strategies, classroom management, skill building, and social emotional development.

HB20-1008: Healthcare Cost Sharing Consumer Protections

Health care cost-sharing arrangements are entities that hold themselves out as cheaper alternatives to health insurance. Individuals and families pay a monthly share, which is then intended to cover their medical bills. However, these arrangements are not regulated like traditional insurance companies, so there is no guarantee they will pay or that they are solvent. Many consumers buy these arrangements thinking that they are purchasing traditional health insurance, but later learn that they aren’t entitled to the same protections. Oftentimes, their claims are denied and they have no option but to pay their expensive medical bills out-of-pocket. This bill will requires these entities to meaningfully inform consumers what kind of coverage they are purchasing prior to signing up.

HB20-1009: Suppressing Court Records of Eviction Proceedings 

When an eviction is filed in court—even when it is dismissed for being unfounded or retaliatory—it produces a court record. This court record may be purchased by third party companies to include in “tenant screening reports,” and ultimately, it may be used to deny a person housing.  In many cases, it is not an accurate reflection of someone’s history as a tenant and should not be used to deny someone housing. This bill provides that when an eviction is filed, it is initially “suppressed” from public access.

HB20-1086: Insurance Coverage for Mental Health Wellness Exams

HB-1086 adds a requirement, as part of mandatory health insurance coverage of preventive health care services, that health plans cover an annual mental health wellness examination of up to 60 minutes that is performed by a qualified mental health care provider. This coverage must be comparable to the coverage of a physical examination, comply with the requirements of federal mental health parity laws, and not require any deductibles, copayments or coinsurance of the mental health wellness exam.

HB20-1158: Insurance Coverage of Infertility Treatment

Mandates coverage to cover the diagnosis of infertility, treatment for infertility and fertility preservation services. Currently, millions of Coloradans pay monthly premiums for insurance coverage yet insurers are not required to cover the standard of care for infertility.

HB20-1160: Colorado Prescription Drug Transparency Act of 2020

1 in 10 Coloradans will forgo fulfilling a potentially life-saving or life-enhancing prescription drug each year citing cost as the main reason. This current trend has been unacceptable and unsustainable. HB-1160 will require a report from entities along the pharmaceutical supply chain that will detail reasons for prescription drug price increases and ensure rebate savings on prescription drugs will be used directly to lower healthcare costs for Coloradans.

HB20-1198: Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Pharmacy Benefit Manager Requirements 

This bill requires health insurers and pharmacy benefit mangers (PBM) to submit their programs for compensating pharmacies and pharmacists and their prescription drug formularies to the Commissioner of Insurance for oversight and accountability.

HB20-1236: Healthcare Coverage Easy Enrollment Program

Under the easy enrollment program created in this bill, tax filers would be able to ask on their state tax return for the state health insurance exchange to assess the eligibility of uninsured household members for Medicaid, CHP+, and subsidized private insurance.

HB20-1319: Prohibit Sale of Flavored Nicotine Products

HB20-1319 would ban the sale of flavored cigarettes, tobacco products, and nicotine products, including flavored electronic cigarettes, and products intended to be added to cigarettes, tobacco products, or nicotine products to produce a flavor other than tobacco. This bill closely aligns with Healthier Colorado’s 2020 legislative priority to reduce youth tobacco use. Flavored nicotine products appeal to children and teens, and 81% of teenagers vape in part because of the flavors available. Individuals who become addicted to nicotine before their 21st birthday are significantly more likely to become a lifelong smokers.

SB20-001: Expanding Behavioral Health Training for K-12 Educators

The need for mental health education and treatment is growing in Colorado, which has rates of mental illness and suicide that are higher than the national average. Prevention, early intervention, and stigma reduction are key factors in improving mental health and wellness. This bill requires the Colorado Department of Education to offer a train the trainer model designed to improve school culture and promote youth behavioral and mental health.

SB20-007: Treatment of Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders

This bill requires insurance carriers to eliminate barriers to medication assisted treatment (MAT) and to provide coverage for the treatment of substance use disorders (SUDs) in accordance with the American Society of Addiction Medicine. The bill also increases capacity for treatment providers and agencies by continuing the grant writing program to aid local communities in need of assistance to access federal/state money to address SUDs in their communities.

SB20-037: Trusted Interoperability Platform Advisory Committee 

This bill will create a data sharing platform advisory committee to develop a strategic plan to implement a trusted data platform that will exchange information between criminal and juvenile justice systems and community health agencies.

SB20-042: Extend the “Treatment of Persons in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems” Committee 

The bill extends the repeal date for the legislative oversight committee concerning the treatment of persons with mental health disorders in the criminal and juvenile justice systems (committee), and the associated task force (task force), to July 1, 2023.

SB20-119: Expand Canadian Drug Importation Program 

SB20-119 authorizes the Colorado to expand the current drug importation program to include countries other than Canada if federal policy allowed such an expansion.

SB20-156: Protecting Preventative Healthcare Coverage

The bill codifies a number of preventive health care services currently required to be covered by health insurance carriers pursuant to the federal “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” and adds them to the current list of services required to be covered by Colorado health insurance carriers, which services are not subject to policy deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance. The bill expands certain preventive health care services to include osteoporosis screening, urinary incontinence screening, and screening and treatment of a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

SB20-161: Pretrial Release

SB20-161 would require a pretrial release assessment to be conducted within 24 hours of admission to a detention facility. This bill would require each district to adopt written criteria that would grant individuals who meet the requirements an immediate pretrial release without a monetary bond or pretrial hearing. In addition, this bill would set the standards for determining the length of a bond and conditions of release a person is eligible for.

SB20-163: School Entry Immunizations 

Colorado ranks dead last when it comes to our MMR vaccination rates of our kindergartners, and we have relatively relaxed requirements when it comes to the exemption process at our schools and childcare centers. SB-163 looks to implement commonsense policy changes to help improve vaccination rates, support public health efforts, and protect parental choice for those families who opt out of vaccinations.

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