December 8, 2016 | Blog Post

“Something Terrific”

By Jake Williams, Executive Director

During the presidential campaign, President-Elect Trump promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with “something terrific.” However, Trump and Congressional leaders are now considering a “repeal and delay” strategy, in which they pass a bill to take away Affordable Care Act coverage at an effective date in the future, but remain silent on how Americans are supposed to receive health care in its absence.

In Colorado alone, the ACA and the Medicaid expansion has provided coverage for over a half a million people, and meant that insurance companies can no longer discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions, they cannot drop your coverage if you get sick, they cannot set caps on the amount they will spend on your care, and young people are allowed to stay on their parents’ plans until the age of 26. If nothing replaces the ACA, the entire health coverage market will be disrupted.

People will not have access to the care they need. Lives will be lost. We need a responsible plan.

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