Our schools face many barriers to providing quality physical education.

HB19-1161 allows schools and school districts to apply for a 3-year grant to help them overcome the financial hurdles to implementing a comprehensive PE program. Date will be collected throughout the pilot, with post-data collection analysis to fully understand how quality physical education impacts student health, academic success, and social-emotional well-being.

Benefits of physical education:

  • Positive relationship with academic achievement and test scores

  • Positive association with attention, concentration, and on-task behavior

  • Encourages lifetime healthy habits

  • Strategy for reducing childhood obesity

  • Reduces discipline referrals and participation in high-risk behaviors

The problem:

  • Colorado is one only four states with no physical education requirements leaving PE up to individual school districts.

  • Colorado also faces increases in childhood obesity rates as nearly 1 in 4 children (ages 5-14) were overweight or obese in 2016.

  • Budget restrictions often inhibit schools from providing quality PE or cut out PE altogether in favor of academics

The grant is meant to supplement any resources or staffing the school or district may need in order to implement all elements of providing quality PE, which includes required minutes of activity, appropriate class sizes, space for indoor and outdoor activities, and more.

PE is a fundamental part of childhood education, and teaches children lifelong lessons about healthy living and behavior. It’s time we start investing in it.



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