Prescription drug spending is growing faster than any other part of the health care dollar.

This fact has left our citizens crippled by increasingly expensive prescription drug costs, forcing families to choose between paying for life-saving prescriptions and putting food on the table. In fact, one in four Americans can not afford their medication they need to stay healthy. This is hardly surprising knowing that citizens in other developed countries spend half of what Americans spend on the same medication.

What are the consequences of this prescription drug crisis? 25 percent of patients with diabetes are choosing to “self-ration” their medication because of cost, which can result in life-threatening conditions, such as blindness, kidney failure, loss of limbs, and even death. And uninsured Americans are three times as likely as adults with private coverage to postpone or skip a prescription because they can’t afford it.

This is a public health problem. Health care only works effectively when it is easily accessible to everyone who needs it, and rising prescription drug prices place a financial burden which hinders Coloradans from receiving the care they deserve.

One of the key ways we believe that we can make prescription drug costs reasonable and fair is by making their pricing process transparent. Unlike other markets, where consumers can see price fluctuations for the products they plan on purchasing, much of what happens for prescription drugs is done behind closed doors.

We believe that Coloradans deserve to know why the prescription drugs they take are priced the way they are. Only when consumers have complete information will pharmaceutical companies be motivated to make their prices at a level that makes sense.

Join us now as we fight for legislation which requires pharmaceutical companies to be open and transparent about their pricing practices, and give the consumers back the power they deserve.

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