Unhealthy sugary drinks are a huge contributor to life threatening chronic diseases

Unhealthy sugary have been linked to Type II diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, heart disease and obesity. These drinks are metabolized by the body more quickly than sugar consumed in candy or cake form, which makes them a uniquely harmful health hazard. In addition to that, the soda and sugary drink industry spends millions of dollars cleverly marketing their products to kids.

Healthier Colorado works on policy to reduce the consumption of unhealthy sugary drinks at both the local and state level. In 2015, we were instrumental in the passage of rules that improved both the nutrition and physical activity standards in every licensed child care facility in the state of Colorado.

Boulder said “YES” to healthy kids and passed the tax to reduce sugary drink consumption! We are so proud to have supported this major campaign!


What the $0.02 per ounce tax will do:

  • Apply to drinks with 5g or more of added sugar per 12 ounces, and would exempt infant formula, alcohol, 100% fruit juice, and drinks used for medicinal purposes.
  • The revenue raised from Boulder’s tax will be used to ensure that every Boulder family has access to healthy food, nutrition education, and opportunities to exercise.

Check out the Healthy Boulder Kids website for more information.

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