Dear Senator Cory Gardner,

Obamacare is not perfect, but we need to keep the things that are working and find ways to make it better, not worse. We now have our lowest rate of uninsured people in the state’s history, people with pre-existing conditions are protected, older people are not charged exorbitant prices for their coverage and our rural health care system is stronger. However, the Trump-backed American Health Care Act would reverse all that progress.

That bill has passed the House and is now in the Senate. We ask that you reject this bill and instead take genuine steps to make quality health care more affordable for more people. We ask that you fight for a plan that:

· Maintains or increases the current number of Coloradans with health coverage.
· Continues to protect people with pre-existing conditions
· Keeps the current restriction on age rating that helps lower the cost of insurance for older Coloradans.
· Maintains the Medicaid expansion, which allows millions of Americans to receive health coverage.
· Does not put arbitrary limits, like a block grant or per capita cap system, on Medicaid, which could shift billions in costs to Colorado and harm the entire health system.

Please work on fixes that improve and strengthen our current health system, not weaken it. 

Thank you,

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