Sample Call Script:

“Hi, I’m one of Senator Bennet’s/Senator Gardner’s constituents who lives at (give your home address). I’m calling today because I want to tell Senator Bennet/Senator Gardner that I oppose block granting Medicaid and repealing the Medicaid expansion. Medicaid provides essential care for people with disabilities, seniors and those who may not otherwise be able to afford the health care they need. This program is a successful partnership between Colorado and the federal government that needs to continue. In addition to that, Medicaid is an important contributor to Colorado’s economy and many communities are strengthened by the local use of these funds.”

Senator Michael Bennet
Phone number: 202-224-5852
You can also find your local office number by visiting Senator Bennet’s website

Senator Cory Gardner
Phone number:  202-222-5941
You can also find your local office number by visiting Senator Gardner’s website

If you’ve made the call and still want to take action, please consider sharing your story with us! And stay tuned for my next blog where I’ll be talking about the process Congress will use to repeal and replace the ACA and potentially make changes to Medicaid.

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