November 7, 2018 | Blog Post

Socks and 2018 Election Night Wins

By Jake Williams, Executive Director

November 6, 2018, election night, went very well for Healthier Colorado. And this morning, beaming with pride, I put on my Healthier Colorado socks.

All 9 of the ballot measures (8 local, 1 statewide) plus 51 of 53 of the state legislative candidates who received financial support from Healthier Colorado were victorious.
Here’s the rundown of our ballot measure victories:
  • With a 77% majority, Colorado voters approved Proposition 111, which will limit the interest that payday lenders can charge to 36%.
  • In Delta County, they created and funded the North Fork Ambulance District. Ballot question 7E (district creation) passed with 83% support, ballot question 7F (mill levy funding) passed with 73%, ballot question 6C (property tax increase) passed with 54%.
  • In the Pikes Peak region, they increased funding by $665,000 annually for the Ute Pass Regional Health Service District to improve ambulance services. Ballot issue 7A passed with 62% support.
  • The City of Boulder will get to keep all the revenue from the sugary drinks tax we passed back in 2016, which means millions more dollars will go to help the community’s low-income families with nutrition and health programs. Measure 2D passed with 65% of the vote, which is a greater majority than the original 54% who approved the tax in 2016.
  • The City and County of Denver will now have $45 million more annually to put toward mental health, suicide prevention and substance use programs. Ordinance 301 passed with 68% of the vote.
  • The City and County of Denver will now have $46 million more annually to expand, maintain, and address the maintenance backlog for the city’s parks. Measure 2A passed with 61% of the vote.
  • The Metro Denver region will now have $15 million more per year to put toward flood protection, open space and trails. Measure 7G passed with 60% of the vote.
  • San Miguel County will now have $600,000 more annually to put toward mental health initiatives. Measure 1A passed with 65% of the vote.
  • The City of Avon has raised the price of a pack of cigarettes to $3 and raised taxes on other tobacco products by 40%. This measure was referred by city council to the ballot after they raised the age of sale to 21 which, under state statute, requires them to give up their share of state tobacco tax revenue. This measure, Ballot Issue 2B, backfills that loss, and it passed with 76% support.
  • Summit County will now have $8.8 million more per year to put toward behavioral health, early childhood care and more. Measure 1A passed with 60% of the vote.
  • Healthier Colorado also endorsed Ordinance 302 in Denver, which raised $11 million annually to feed low-income kids and teach them about nutrition. This measure passed with 57% of the vote.

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