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Ask Congress to keep our health care out of the tax bill

The Senate has introduced a provision in their tax reform bill that would repeal the individual mandate. While one of the less popular aspects of the ACA, the individual mandate is very important to how the law functions. The mandate helps keep healthy people in the health insurance risk pool, which helps to stabilize the market and drive down costs for everyone. The CBO estimated earlier this year that repealing the individual mandate would result in 13 million fewer people with health insurance and cause a 10% rise in individual health insurance premiums. Any cost savings to the federal government in this scenario is the direct result of every day people across America losing coverage.

Act now and tell Congress to keep the ACA out of their tax bill!

Ask Congress to work on a bipartisan fix to our health care

The most recent attack to our health care occurred on October 12, when President Trump signed an executive order that could destabilize the health insurance market. This could mean that consumers will pay more for less coverage, while also having fewer protections.

Email your member of Congress and ask for a bipartisan health care solution!


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