Position: Support

Summary: Requires HCPF (with consultation from the CO healthcare affordability and sustainability enterprise board) to develop and prepare an annual report detailing uncompensated hospital costs and the different categories of expenditures made by general hospitals (hospital expenditure report). The report will be submitted to the governor, respective committees of the general assembly, and medical services board of the department. It will also be posted on the dept. Website. Each general hospital is required to include:

  1. Hospital cost reports submitted to the federal centers for medicaid and medicare
  2. Annual audited financial statements
  3. Utilization / staffing info
  4. Central location for the collection and analysis of hospital utilization and financial data
  5. Hospital expenditure report must include a description of methods of analysis and definitions report components by payer group
  6. Uncompensated care costs by payer group
  7. % that different categories of expenses contribute to overall expenses

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