Prescription Drugs Are Too Expensive. Demand Transparency!

Coloradans deserve to know why the costs of their medications are increasing so rapidly and drastically.

When prescription drug prices skyrocket families are forced to make terrible decisions. Many forgo paying their rent or buying groceries. Some even stop taking their medication, which can be deadly.

60 percent of Americans need prescription drugs to survive. It’s outrageous that pharmaceutical companies can jack up the prices with no warning and no explanation.

Raise Vaccination Rates in Colorado!

Just 50 years ago, before the advent of a vaccine, hundreds of Americans died of measles each year. Today, measles — one of the most contagious diseases known to man — along with many other vaccine-preventable illnesses, is once again threatening our communities.

In Colorado, we are ripe for an outbreak.

Urge your legislators to work for higher vaccination rates for our state’s kids to protect against an outbreak!

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