The Fund For A Healthier Colorado

Every Coloradan deserves a fair shot at living a healthy life


About Us

The Fund for a Healthier Colorado is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that seeks to advance policy that improves the health of our state’s residents. We believe that every Coloradan should have a fair chance at living a healthy life. We engage Coloradans to create a path forward to this goal and educate our state’s decision-makers about action needed to improve our health.

The Fund for a Healthier Colorado is committed to working towards a healthier future for all of our state’s residents. Our three focus areas include obesity and related chronic disease, mental and behavioral health, and health disparities.


Our Focus Areas

Reduce Obesity and Related Chronic Disease

Two of the keys to a long and happy life are access to affordable, nutritious food and active living opportunities. Opportunities include bike lanes, well-maintained sidewalks, community recreational centers, playgrounds, public lands, and parks – these are instrumental in helping Colorado residents live active lifestyles. The Fund for a Healthier Colorado also strives to increase nutritious food availability and affordability across the life spectrum in all corners of the state. Access to nutritious food and physical activity has been shown to decrease incidences of both obesity and chronic disease – both of which are on the rise in Colorado.

Improve Mental & Behavioral Health

Any approach to health and care should address the whole person. In addition to a person’s environment, we believe in the importance of a health system that recognizes and treats the whole person. Mental health is health and should be held in the same regard as physical care. The Fund for a Healthier Colorado works to destigmatize, expand access to, and increase the affordability of mental and behavioral health services.

Address Population-Level Health Disparities.

Many are surprised to learn that only 10% of our life span is attributed to access to health treatment and 30% is attributed to genetics – the rest is determined by our environment. Factors including economic status, race, where you live, level of education, etc. all have an impact on your health. That’s why we work on issues related to the social determinants of health.


Facilitating Collaboration

Introducing Colorado’s Health Capitol! A home to non-profit organizations that elevate the well-being of people in our state, and serves as a beacon to attract needed attention to the critical work they perform. We collaborate and leverage collective resources that strengthen each organization’s ability to accomplish their respective missions. Together, we make an even bigger impact on improving mental, physical, social and economic health in communities across Colorado. We are Colorado’s first and only shared space with this mission-driven focus. Learn more about the Health Capitol.


How We Make A Difference

Research and Policy Development

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The people of Colorado are our organization’s constituency. We take this responsibility seriously and thus conduct a thorough and inclusive statewide process to figure out where to direct our resources and advocacy.

Voter Contact and Education

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Voting is vital in making health change happen in our state. The Fund for a Healthier Colorado is committed to educating voters on various issues that will impact their health. We do this in a couple of different ways that include, but are not limited to, door to door voter outreach and informational emails to our network.

Education and Outreach to all

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Along with voter outreach and consistent communication with our network, The Fund for a Healthier Colorado is also committed in ensuring that educational resources are easily available to the public. One of the many available resources is our informational website, This website serves as a collaborative effort to educate on the importance and benefits of water fluoridation. Our efforts aren’t limited to online. We hold informational and solution oriented panels in various Colorado communities can listen to their community leaders on the issues that are affecting the health of their communities.

Leadership Development Trainings

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Our leaders need to hear the voices of the people affected by their legislative choices. We hold advocacy trainings throughout the state to teach participants how to advocate for the health issues they care about most by harnessing the power of their story. These trainings vary based on the needs of the participants but often include an overview of how the Colorado State legislative process works. Additionally, they include mini workshops that teach participants how to testify at the State Capitol, how to develop their testimony, and how to write letters to the editor.

Decision Maker Education

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For our civic leaders to best understand the health issues Coloradans care about, it’s important they hear the voices and concerns of the people they represent. Our network provides multiple platforms (phone calls, direct emails, texts…etc) in which they can directly reach out their leaders. In the past year, we have been able to engage Coloradans to partake in a collective 35,000 actions (and counting).

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